Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Boy With The Beautiful Eyes!

I love doing a session with a cute little family and this family was no exception to that! Mom, Dad and soon to be Big Brother were ready for all the photo action that was coming their way!

I love this last photo and NO I did not request that Dad catapult his son into the air but it made for a great photo!  All I did was add a little texture to make it more epic!  LOL!  I think Mom almost had a heart attack!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Allison - Villa Grove Class of 2011

I remember this little girl as a teeny tiny baby!  I have known her mom since we were in kindergarten!  We graduated from High School together and even graduated from Millikin University together and there is NO WAY that we are old enough to have Seniors in High School!  LOL!  OK, maybe we can!

The Holland Family

This cute little family found me when they were searching for wedding photographers for her sister's recent wedding (yup Mr. & Mrs. Butler)!  Anyway, Dad is in the Navy and was not here for the wedding but he did get to come home for a few days a week later so we set up a shoot!  Now little M was less than cooperative until we started discussing the ice cream he would get as a treat following the shoot if he smiled and listened!  He is so stinking cute and has tons of personality plus we have arranged a marriage between him and the Diva!!  Only kidding!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Family Visit - Mattoon, IL Family Photographer

I did a wedding back in June that resulted in the Yim Family being directed my way during a recent visit to Illinois!  I am always happy when satisfied customers tell their friends about me.  Anyway, this family was too cute for words and so much fun to spend the evening with before they headed back to Cali!  Isn't that a song?  The daughter is going into 7th grade and is a gymnast!  She is too cute for words and Dad was super funny telling on lookers that his photo would be on E Harmony soon and that he would gladly autograph copies of his photos soon!  LOL!  I love to work with fun people!!

Up soon:  a family session and two senior sessions!  I have been so busy but busy is good these days!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another Happily Ever After - Mattoon, IL Wedding Photographer

So, I can admit that I am a sucker for a good wedding and I always cry at some point even if the couple are total strangers!  LOL!  I am just made that way and have loved weddings since, well, Princess Diana married Prince Charles!!  Now THAT was a wedding!  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I have the privileged of  photographing Leslie and Jason's wedding!  This was one laid back could that rolled with every bad thing that happened that day and did not let anything stop them from being anything but happy!  Having said that, it was THE shortest ceremony that I have photographed!  It lasted 4 minutes!  No joke and then came the party!!  That is just the fun sort of couple that they are!!  Here are some of my favorites from the big day!  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that there was a golf cart that the couple drove away in!!  How fun is that!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Garrett's Senior Shoot - Mattoon, IL Senior Photographer

Yup, this guy was a cutie!  Sorry, just sayin'!  Anyway, he and his mom showed up at the location and he was a little apprehensive about the whole thing and just wanted it to be over but we had a wonderful time and by the end he was a pro!!  Now I do have to tell you that his mom suggested the shirtless photos and I took it to the next level by adding the fountain!  This guy is model material for sure and I told his mom to submit some of these to Abercrombie or any other clothing company that she could think of that markets to teens cause he's got it going on!  Sorry ladies, he has a girlfriend!

And now for the model part of the shoot and one of my favorite from the day!  He was such a great sport and did not mind getting a little wet!!

Well that is the latest and greatest from here for now but I am downloading pictures from a wedding this past weekend so they will be coming up shortly!  I also have a shoot with a guy and his daughter from California this evening (referrals rock my world) and I am still trying to tie my teen down to get his Senior shots done (he stood me up last night)!