Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two Beautiful Girls! Arcola, IL Family Photographer

This was a referral shoot from a past client! When Mom called to book the shoot, I was excited to go to my hometown! Mom and I hit it off the minute I walked in the door! She and her husband were both awesome so it only makes sense that the girls would be awesome too! This was a fun shoot and they were up for anything!
Check out the sisterly love between these two!! When I asked if they got along well I was told no so I think all the love was for the benefit of the camera!! I think they really do love each other though neither would admit it!! Ha!

The next few shots were taken at their gorgeous old home in Arcola! I love everything about this house and always have!! I grew up in Arcola!

This is Big Sis! She is a beautifully sweet girl!

The "baby" of the family!! Is she not sweet?